Single exposure Vs HDR (High Dynamic Range) Stills

Taking great stills for your property is not a simple matter of point and click.  A single shot exposure averages its exposure level to the light across the entire shot.  This does a good job but leaves bright areas such as windows over exposed and dark areas such as shadows under exposed.

To compensate for this we take multiple images at different exposures and layer them on top of each other which enables us to get a more even exposure so that you can see through windows clearly and shadows are minimized.

When taking a 3d scan we can capture 2d stills at the same time however these are single exposure images.

A comparison of what the scanner takes to DSLR HDR images is provided below.

Non HDR (Single Exposure)

360 Now Rest Room

Multiple Exposure (HDR)

360 Now Rest Room
Posted December 20, 2017
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