Open For Inspection?

Use Virtual Reality to market your property more efficiently than "Open for Inspections"

Selling your house is a challenging process. It begins with the reason you want to sell which could be something great like you're upgrading or something not so great like a separation.

Then there's the decision on how to sell your property: Auction, private sale, marketing brochures, Internet advertising , facebook, and the list goes on.

In most cases your Agent will advise on the best course of action but what is the Agent marketing?

And then there is the "open for inspections". That process when the Agent announces to those listening that potential buyers can view the property for 1hr on Saturday afternoon. So you spend your whole morning cleaning, the Agent arrives puts up their boards and flags and 4 groups show up, most of which just thought it a good idea to have a sticky beak through your home to then get a call from the agent 6pm Tuesday telling you they have a hot buyer that can only see the property TODAY!

There is a much better way and you have probably already experienced it, it's called virtual reality.

3D Scanning technology can very quickly (like in less than an hour on a typical 4 bedroom home) create a very detailed virtual online version of your home. These models are very realistic and provide a great tool for you or your agent to market your property by enabling potential buyers to inspect the property from their smartphone 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

In addition a 3D VR model allows the buyer to gain more attachment as they can review the property with friends and family at any time. it also opens up your property to a wider market like people from interstate or overseas.

What 3D VR property scanning can do is very cost effectively get you more qualified buyers quicker. Instead of opening your house to the public have interested buyers inspect the property online and then if they're still interested provide than a site visit.

The REA Group reports that "Buyers are 60% more likely to email an agent and 95% more likely to call an agent after viewing a 3D walk through." 

Scanning a standard 4 bedroom home cost around $600-$800 and not only do you get 3D walk-through but high Res 2D stills and floor plans from the one scan.

Whats more you can own your scan to keep as a keepsake of your family home for years to come.

Posted September 30, 2017
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