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About Us

Numfish have become one of Australia’s most trusted Pro Kick Scooter specialists since opening in 2007. Still family owned and originally starting as a surf shop, we have now evolved to focus as a specialist in Pro Kick Scooters Retailing and Servicing.

As an independent Retailer we have the ability to deal with all the scooter manufacturers and we carefully select the best products to suit our loyal customer base who simply want quality, service and advice so they as riders or parents can get the most out of their scooters.

If you are frustrated with not knowing “what’s what” and how all the parts fit together in the world of scooters, we can provide all the information you want so you can make the best choice for yourself. We can also help you keep your scooters running smoothly for the life of the scooter as well. All you need to do is ride and we can sort out the rest.

Our small team has helped 1000’s of people over the years and we would welcome you to the Numfish family either in-store or on-line where you can receive all the support you want so you can enjoy riding scooters !


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Welcome to the Numfish Scoot Virtual Shop.